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What I Offer

I offer Yoga and Ayurveda wellness advisory.

Yoga is more than just a form of exercise. It means union with one self and in all aspects of life-everything inside and sorrounding us; union in mind body emotion and spirit.

If chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy and even surgery has not helped you to heal, consider yoga!

I can help you find a type of yoga suitable for your type of constitution (determined through Ayurveda) and a sequence of yoga poses to balance your specific needs.

Back Pain and Discomfort

Yoga will help to ease the discomfort and help building up strenghts to support certain parts of the body. For example, backpain is a common sign of imbalance and stress, causing “dis-ease” in life. For that, there are a variety of methods of healing, such as developing stronger abdominals for lowerback support. I have healed my lower back injury and lower backpains with yoga, and I have a lot of things I can share to help you do the same.

Private Consultations


In a private consultation, I can get to know more about your specific needs and recommend recourse through Yoga and natural healing. Private consultations are perfect for healing back pain and rejuvenating the spine, and is effective for people of all ages and sizes. Maintain a happy back or rid yourself of the effects of old injuries. Create space in your spine, your body, and your life!

Note: Patients with high blood pressure, heart disease, glaucoma or obesity may not be well served by the yoga wall, which is the method most often utilized for back pain and related injuries.

Special Events

Yoga Parties — Starting at $120

Great for birthdays, girls’ nights or family time, let me turn your home into a fun atmosphere of relaxation and invigoration. Whether you seek healing and meditation or a great group workout, invite your friends and family and enjoy yoga together!

Partner Yoga & Partner Massage

Perfect for couples, let me show you how to relax, rejuvenate and improve intimacy with yoga and massage.
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If you are interested in any of these services or have questions about something not listed here, please call or email me.

I look forward meeting you!